Adult Services

Adult Counseling

Counseling is provided for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and/or due to involvement with ACS/school-related issues. Sessions will be set on a regular weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the needs of the client and are free of charge.

Legal and Social Service Advocacy

Domestic violence and sexual abuse survivors learn of their legal rights and options through free Legal Clinics and one-on-one consultations provided by attorneys from partner agencies such as Sanctuary for Families and Queens Legal Services. We provide other support including emergency cash and help to access health care and other public benefits, as well as court advocacy and interpretation for orders of protection, child custody, and other legal rights.

Transitional Housing

We provide culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate long-term housing options for immigrant women who need to secure physical safety. We help them overcome many barriers and secure physical, emotional, and financial independence. In 2009, KAFSC was one of 58 national agencies selected to receive our first federal grant from Department of Justice to launch the only Transitional Housing Program for Korean/Asian women in New York. KAFSC currently has 3 scattered housing sites available to assist women in need.

The following are the services that we provide for transitional housing:

  • Rent subsidy for up to 18 months
  • Childcare assistance
  • Counseling, case management, advocacy, and referral services to other community-based organizations and resources
  • Legal services with immigration and Order of Protection
  • Assistance finding permanent housing
  • Vocational and employment assistance

Rent for the transitional housing program:

  • Participants are responsible for identifying their own housing within 30 days of being admitted to the program.
  • Participants are responsible to contribute to rent as below:

Time Period


Participant’s Contribution

1-6 months

100 %

0 %

7-12 months

50 %

50 %

13-18 months


75 %

18-24 months


80 %

To be eligible to apply for the transitional housing program, an applicant must be:

  • A survivor of domestic and/or sexual violence, dating violence or stalking; actively fleeing an abusive relationship; without permanent housing due to history of domestic violence;
  • Eighteen years old or a legally emancipated minor;
  • Survivors whose gross total household income dependent from the abuser is 200% below the federal poverty level

Steps to apply:

  1. Submit a Transitional Housing Application via mail, email, or fax. (P.O. Box 541429, Flushing, NY 11354;; 718-460-3965)
  2. The application will be screened for eligibility and if qualified, the applicant will be placed on the transitional housing list.
  3. The applicant will be invited to an interview upon opening on the list.

For more information, please contact our transitional housing coordinator at (718) 460-3801 ext. 21 or

Parenting Education

KAFSC provides parenting education for ACS recommended or mandated parents, and other clients for which the need arises. Parenting education is generally 8 sessions and the curriculum is tailored to individual needs (family conflicts, delinquency behavior, drugs, computer game addiction, truancy, etc). The parenting education curriculum seeks to give parents a better understanding of their children’s needs in a culturally sensitive manner, and focuses on attachment, family structure, communication skills, child development, and psycho education.
If the client is mandated by court or ACS to receive parenting education, the fee schedule will be on a sliding scale of 0.01% of the gross annual household income.

Support Groups: All KAFSC groups utilize culturally sensitive curriculums, are facilitated by licensed clinicians and are free of charge.
The HEAL group is for victims of sexual assault (ranging from harassment to abuse). The group’s goal is to provide members with emotional and psychological support and to begin the healing process through sharing their experiences within a safe and confidential environment. The group meets once a week for eight weeks, after the eight sessions are completed, the group meets once a month.
The WISH HAPPY group is for older divorced women. The group is a safe, confidential group for older divorced women to share their experiences and exchange helpful information. The group allows clients to process their experiences and continue the healing process with others of similar situations. The group meets once a week for eight sessions. After the eight sessions are completed, the group meets once a month.
The WISH HOPE group is for single mothers with young children between the ages 5 to 13. Single Mothers Group assists mothers to support each other in similar situations. Mothers develop their own goals that are addressed through interaction and discussion in terms of managing stress, improving self-esteem and parenting skills, and sharing information about raising children.The group meets once a week for eight sessions. After the eight sessions are completed, the group meets once a month.
Children’s group is for the young children of the single mothers’ who are participants of the WISH HOPE group. The children’s group will be conducted through group activities that utilize creative modes of expression (i.e. educational play, art and music, retreat, Holiday parties). This group will meet at the same time as the HOPE group on a weekly basis for eight weeks. After the eight sessions are completed, the group meets once a month.


Job readiness skills are provided to women in the community to gain self-confidence, basic but necessary job skills, in order to achieve economic self-sufficiency.
A critical skill is English language ability, which is taught by certified instructors in a classroom setting, as well as, in individual tutorial sessions. Another pertinent skill is computer training, taught by instructors that will nurture a student’s knowledge of basic MS Office software programs such as Word, Excel and Publisher, and general maintenance. Furthermore, job-readiness skills are incorporated into lessons. For example, basic interview skills are practiced during ESOL classes and how to create a resume in computer classes.
Finally, we offer free QuickBooks programming classes that will greatly give women an advantage to attain jobs in small or private businesses as a successful bookkeeper.
From time to time we conduct workshops on financial literacy and empowerment, and clerical skills. We also offer one-on-one consultations for those who are ready to seek employment. In-person and phone counseling are also available. These classes not only provide a great opportunity to build skills towards becoming self-sufficient, but allows the women to make new friends and become equipped with life skills.

Please fill out the Self Sufficiency form if you are interested. Please click for the Self-Sufficiency Fall 2014 Schedule

For more information, please call Kate Juon at (718) 460-3801 ext. 16 or email

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