One Day Restaurant 9/14/17

How YCPT Has Impacted Me

Written by Kenneth An, Youth Community Project Team Member There's no doubt that I've seen domestic violence in my life before I joined YCPT, through my friends' experiences and my own experiences as well. I've seen DV depicted in many books and movies, and I knew from a sense that it was wrong. I've seen my friends come to me for help or just search for help in general, questioning the immorality of it, why it's happening to them, and what they can do to prevent it from happening again. Or, even worse, how they could escape from it since they're too afraid to deal with ...

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Knowledge is Power?

Written by KAFSC Staff Member, Lydia Baek, Youth Program Coordinator & Advocate As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” When I was younger, I thought that the meaning of this expression was straightforward: I should study a lot so that I can have more control over my future. My interpretation of this saying reinforced my parents’ frequent advice for me to work hard and do well in school. So I studied hard and expected success. But eventually I came to realize that there are different kinds of knowledge, and different kinds of knowledge can lead to ...

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Identify Early The Cause of Your Child’s Misbehavior

Written by KAFSC Staff Member, Jenny Kim, Mental Health Counselor  Over the last few months, our clinical team has seen an increase in hotline calls and caseloads from parents. The parents who contact us are concerned for their children who do not go to school, are regularly using drugs like marijuana, and/or show anger through fighting and violent behaviors. Although KAFSC has services available to families who are already experiencing these kinds of issues with their children, the sooner parents can detect a need in their children and intervene with professional ...

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