Community Outreach & Education

Community Outreach & Education Department raises awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault and promotes KAFSC services and programs through Outreach Events, Hotline Volunteer Dispatcher Training, Volunteer Opportunities, Educational Workshops, Participation in Community Events, and Media Articles & Interviews.

  • Outreach Events
  • Hotline Dispatcher Training
  • Sundojah Training

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KAFSC hosts various outreach events throughout the year. The following are key annual events.

  • Annual Benefit Gala
    The Annual Benefit Gala occurs every year in April/May. It raises a crucial 30% of the organization’s operational funds. Contact us for more information on how you can participate as either a Sponsor, Donor or Volunteer.
  • Purple 5K Dash to End Domestic Violence
     In commemoration of October being Domestic Violence (DV) Awareness Month, the Korean American Family Service Center (KAFSC) is hosting an exciting family-friendly event – Purple 5K Dash to End Domestic Violence. This 5K run/walk campaign draws awareness to domestic violence and brings families, friends and the community together in an interactive way to raise funds for our Rainbow House Shelter.

    The Rainbow House Shelter is one of it’s kind and provides emergency housing as well as social services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault for women and children in a culturally and linguistically appropriate setting.

    무지개의 집은 행복한 지역 공동체를 만들기 위한 사회복지기관으로써 도움이 필요한 아시안 여성들과 그들의 자녀들을 위해 복지 서비스를 제공하며 임시 쉘터를 운영하고 있습니다.

    Visit the Event Page

  • Silent March Against Domestic Violence

    Our Silent March occurs annually every October to promote awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault to our communities. It commemorates victims, honors those who survive, and raises hope for those silently suffering. Through Silent March, we want to advocate three key messages:

    1. Domestic violence and sexual assault DO exist in our communities
    2. Victims of domestic violence and sexual assault need to know their rights
    3. Our community organizations need to work together to prevent and end domestic violence and sexual assault

    Visit the Event Page

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Hotline Volunteer Dispatcher Training aims to educate volunteers not only on issues of domestic violence and sexual assault, but also to train them for our 24-hour Korean, English bilingual hotline service.

Upcoming Training

  • Training is held twice a year – in Spring and Fall
  • Lasts 5 weeks and each session is five to six hours long
  • Topics covered include:
    • Child & Elder Abuse
    • Substance Abuse
    • Basic counseling skills
    • Guidelines for hotline services
    • Housing Options & Financial Planning
    • Legal Advocacy including family law, immigration law, and criminal law
  • Volunteers gain a deep understanding of challenges and obstacles that victims of domestic violence face as well as knowledge in information and available resources to help them.
  • Volunteers learn about KAFSC’s holistic and comprehensive services.

Hotline Volunteer Dispatcher Continuing Education is available and mandatory for our on-going volunteer dispatchers.

  • Training is held five times a year – on the Third Thursday of February, April, June, August, and October.
  • Topics covered include basic counseling/crisis intervention skills, culturally and linguistically sensitive and appropriate practices, and do’s and don’ts when answering the hotline calls.
  • Volunteers gain knowledge of confidentiality including KAFSC’s address and any information that is related to our clients in order to protect and ensure our client’s safety.

Upcoming Continuing Education

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Our Sundojah “Community-Advocate” program raises informed community advocates that are equipped and mobilized to train others in their own social networks. Interested community members can sign up to join a small cohort group that receives in-depth training on domestic violence awareness. Each cohort member then plans their own training sessions within personal networks such as beauty salons, social groups, church small groups, etc. Cohort members are reimbursed for the time spent providing training. These Sundojahs help extend the outreach and education efforts of KAFSC beyond our current efforts to reach groups throughout the community.

For more information regarding Community Outreach & Education or if you would like to participate in a workshop, please contact:

Jackie Kim or call 718.460.3801 ext. 36